The creative teams of KETHEA DIAVASI in a time of pandemic

During the difficult period of the pandemic and the minimization of social and artistic activities, the creative teams of KETHEA DIAVASI have organized their own program so as not to lose contact for the people of the program with these areas.

Thus, with safety, distances and compliance with the measures or even online, the teams work.

The theater group

Implements, for new members, writing and dating games, fantasy development activities and storytelling through painting.

He is preparing with a group of parents an adaptation for a shadow theater with figures from Aristophanes’ “Birds”.

Performs improvisation games with the members of the program who are in the main phase of treatment.

The music group

Implements lessons for basic theoretical concepts using exercises and musical games.

The traditional dance group continues its operation with individual teaching and lessons on the history of traditional dances.